Cardio Cocktail--

A liquid containing Arginine, Vit. D3, Perilla oil and many other supplements which can help remove plaque in the arteries & strengthen them.  Arginine produces Nitric Oxide (NO) which keeps the inner wall of blood vessels pliable, elastic, relaxed & prevents cells from sticking together.

Cardio Vascular Screening

helps determine the health of the arteries.

Stem Enhance--

First botanical adult stem cells which support the bone marrow to replace the dysfunctional cells & go wherethey are needed to renew & restore the body to health again.

Natural Cellular Defense

Has a chelation effect in removing heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and other toxins from the body.  Also, improves liver function. 

Mild Silver Protein

Silver had been used since the early 1900's to disable pathogens,bacteria, viruses, fungus.

Lepti Trim

A colostrum based weight management program.  It can reverse the effects of aging, enhance the immune system, curb cravings and more.  It is the most effective scientific breakthrough in providing Inch Loss & Weight Loss on the market today.


They are the "Spark of Life".  They are destroyed in all cooked foods, therefore, must be added to help digest what we eat.  They are responsible for all the functions of every organ system in our body.

Essential Oils

 Plant extracts have been used since the beginning of

time.  They are linked to physical, emotional & spiritual uses.  They can balance moods, lift spirits, dispel negative emotions, kill bacteria, viruses, oxygenate & carry nutrientsto cells.

Flax Lignans

A phytonutrient found in flax.  Lignans are located in the hull encasing the seed.  There are numerous testimonies concerning many major health issues it has helped.  It is a North Dakota product.

Colon Support

Belching, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, pain, heatburn, fatigue, extra weight, can all be signs of digestion problems.  Americans can have 4-25 pounds of fecal matter clinging to the colon walls.

Chi Machine

Five minutes on this aerobic exerciser is like walking 30 minutes.

Hot House

A Far Infrared unit that is capable of penetrating deep into the body to expand capillaries which stimulates blood circulation.  Increases regenerative ability to heal.

Electro Reflex Energizer

Helps relax tight muscles in feet & legs.  Heat stimulates the circulation, improves nerve & blood supply.  Nerves in feet correspond with glands, organs & systems in the body.  Helps body achieve balance.

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